The real MICE course


who is this training suitable for?

This training is suitable for:

– DMC’s
– CVB’s
– Event professionals
– Hotels
– Decision makers 
– Officials responsable for MICE
– Teachers, tutors and lecturers (Events/MICE)


What is included?

– 2-day training (4 x 4 hours) 
– as a participant you will receive a digital book to study
– after the training: certificate of participation
– training material and use of venue
– tea/water/coffee (*)
– lunch (*)

(*) if this is in the description of the course. 

not included:

– other meals (diner)
– lodging
– 4 times a year it is possible to take an exam for the certificate:

certified EO (Event Organizer).

This is an on-line exam. (added costs US$ 50,00)

2-days training for the MICE professional

This training will be given by Gebert Janssen. 

With more than 25 years’ experience in the MICE industry and more than 15 years’ as a lecturer at a university of applied sciences, Gebert Janssen can be seen as one of the world specialists in this business.

He has also received several awards and prizes with his company. The last one has been last year for the best online event BtoC (worldwide).

As a speaker at various international conferences and events he motivated many participants.

Gebert is also the author of ‘the real MICEbook’, used in more than 25 countries. This book covers all the fundamental and exciting facets of the MICE industry.

His second book is: ‘a practical guide for digital events’.

Gebert will choose interesting topics in this training to take you one or more steps further in this profession.

When participating, you can also specify a topic about which you would like to know more. 

Other trainers are also available. Languages: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese.



The course is official certified by the IBCT (The international board of certified trainers).


  • Experience in the MICE or Event industry

With the acquired knowledge, you can devise an event concept. You are able to substantiate choices made, enter into substantive discussions with suppliers and you can advise customers.

If you are graduated as an EO (or equivalent) it is possible to register for a follow-up course:

Real MICEcourse 2.0 (PES – certified Professional Event Specialist)

With the acquired knowledge and skills, you can manage an event on a tactical level. You are a specialist and know how to use and apply the right tools within all phases of the event.

The Real MICEcourse 3.0 (SEE – certified Strategic Event Expert) makes you a real event expert. 

With the acquired knowledge and skills, you can manage an event on a strategic level. You are is the expert in the field of events and know how an event can be used to achieve strategic goals.  

After each course it is possible to take an exam for the official certificate.

After passing the exam you will receive an official certificate (accredited by IBCT-global). This is a quality guarantee.
After participation, all participants will receive a certificate of participation.


There are open courses that you can enroll in. The calendar shows when the open course is scheduled.

It is also possible for private groups:

It is possible as an institution to book or sponsor this course. Ask for more information if you are interested.

If you would like to follow the course, you can express your interest using the form below. We will then contact you.





In december 2022 the course received the ‘Education 2.0 – Outstanding leadership award’ in Dubai.

All the material that is used during the course is certified.


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